Even though the smallest, there’s no reason to overlook your toilet when it comes to your aesthetics. You can revitalize your home just by merely renovating the toilet, and Melbourne’s finest is here to help you.

Butler BATHROOMS+ has a skilled renovation team that can assist you from cosmetic remodelling to a complete toilet renovation Upfield. You can be confident that you will attain the best possible outcome you can imagine because of their years of experience in the industry.

What We Do

Fix existing toilet issues

Most toilets encounter water leaks over time which leads to crumbling floors and problems with moulds. Moulds cause serious health issues and should never be ignored. If your toilet is covered with mold, we can replace all the leaking fixtures, layout new tiles, and re-grout.

Increase your storage space

A cluttered and messy toilet is never good. To solve this issue, we can help you rethink a new layout to make every nook and cranny functional. We can also install new storage cabinets or shelves. You’ll be surprised at the many ways we can improve storage in your toilet.

Install a new toilet

The toilet that you have used before you start to have a family will not suffice if you already have kids. As your family grows, the toilet needs to keep pace because having just one will cause a pretty big issue for everyone. No need to save a time slot, Butler BATHROOMS+ can install a completely new toilet for you. It doesn’t need to have a bath, but a little space enough for the toilet and sink to fit.

Update the look

You probably have grown tired of its appearance, or it just looks outdated. Butler BATHROOMS+ can bring your toilet into the modern era. We can apply a fresh coat of paint, set out tiles and add accessories that can amp up the look of your toilet. Do you know that updating the look of your toilet also increases its resale value? If you are planning to resell your house, remember that homes with modern toilets are sold at a better price.

Increase energy efficiency

This reason is certainly not the most popular, but one that should be considered by every homeowner. Ever wondered how much water is flushed down every time?  1.6 gallons. Not only are you hurting the environment for every flush but you’re breaking your wallet as well. Butler BATHROOMS+ can replace your toilet with a low flush toilet that uses significantly less water.

Make your toilet safer

When living with toddlers, seniors or persons with a disability, toilet renovation is a must. Most home accidents happen at the toilet and can be evaded with some changes. We can install wider doorways and put in non-skid flooring. We can also add handrails on the walls.

What sets us apart is how we involve our customers from the planning stage to the delivery stage. Our decades in the construction industry taught us that to give excellent and exceptional results, we need to give service that revolves around the customer. Yes, YOU. We build and customize your space how you conceptualize it. Throughout the process, we will provide you with expert advice so you can balance functionality with style and get the value for every cent spent.

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